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The steps required to clear the victim's incorrect criminal record depend in which jurisdiction the crime occurred and whether the true identity of the criminal can be determined.

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In the report, she defined the crime for the first time and made the plight of victims public.There are cases of identity cloning to attack payment systems, including online credit card processing and medical insurance.In this situation, the identity thief impersonates someone else in order to conceal their own true identity.An October 2010 article entitled "Cyber Crime Made Easy" explained the level to which hackers are using malicious software.As one security specialist named Gunter Ollmann said, "Interested in credit card theft?This is just one example of the kinds of impact that may continue to affect the victims of identity theft for some months or even years after the crime, aside from the psychological trauma that being 'cloned' typically engenders.

A variation of identity theft which has recently become more common is synthetic identity theft, in which identities are completely or partially fabricated.

When a criminal fraudulently identifies himself to police as another individual at the point of arrest, it is sometimes referred to as "Criminal Identity Theft." In some cases criminals have previously obtained state-issued identity documents using credentials stolen from others, or have simply presented a fake ID.

Provided the subterfuge works, charges may be placed under the victim's name, letting the criminal off the hook.

Although the hacking program is easy to use, that fact does not diminish the devastating effects that Zeus (or other software like Zeus) can do to a computer and the user.

For example, the article stated that programs like Zeus can steal credit card information, important documents, and even documents necessary for homeland security.

Mostly, posers create believable stories involving friends of the real person they are imitating.