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That’s because to me, just like my political views, it’s not any area of my life I would be willing to change just to conform to the demands of the market.

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Intelligence, kindness, generosity, sense of humor... it's like putting wiper fluid in the gas tank and wondering why the car won't run.In theory at least, driving up your bedfellow-count while you are single could reduce the quality of relationship you have when you eventually settle into a more serious, long-term, relationship.When searching for partner with whom to have a serious relationship, the size of your market is restricted by the availability of people who are looking for someone just like you; you only get to choose a partner from the pool of people who wants someone who is your age / attractiveness / occupation / sexual orientation et cetra.Let me illustrate this market size effect with an example.Ask Men recently conducted their 2013 Great Male Survey.Some of the personal qualities that take us off other singles “must have” lists are things we can do nothing about (like where we were born or our ethnicity), some are things we wouldn’t change even if we could (like our political or religious views) and some are things we might be willing to change if doing so was worth the increase in the size of our market (like quitting smoking or losing weight).

Sexual history is an interesting personal quality in that it is both a choice and, once done, is beyond our control.

We don’t write about it in our online dating profiles, but it is a quality that many people care about when looking for a husband or wife.

It is a quality that has the power to influence the size of our individual marriage markets and, as a result, the probability that we will eventually find long-lasting love.

I can not speak for other man but for me most important part is how this woman is related to me, what we have now and what we will have in future.

It is of great importance to me to understand why she had such life and ho Past what less conserw it will reflect to our relationship.

When you start a new relationship, do you care if your new love has slept with 1, 10, 100 people in the past?