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He added: "Many people will be surprised by the relatively large numbers of men who are willing to pay for sex."But it's not so surprising in the context of social trends - women are increasingly sexualised in the media, sex phone lines are routinely advertised in the back of magazines and phone boxes..divorce and separations are on the rise." A new report by the NHS Confederation and the Terrence Higgins Trust says the way NHS sexual health services are currently run must be comprehensively overhauled because existing services cannot cope with demand.

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"It does not seem to be exceptional for groups of men to go away with each other for the weekend and have commercial sex.New research shows that paying for sex isn't nearly as common place as most people seem to think.The study also showed that people who seek out sex for money aren't much different than your average person."My concern is that if people are going abroad where there might be less safe sex, they really ought to be thinking about the possible risks.Stopping STIs "Men who pay for sex should be the target of health promotion campaigns and screening initiatives," she said.About 1.5 percent of men in their 40s have paid for sex in the last year.

23.3 percent of men who have served in the military have visited prostitutes at some point during active duty.

It says there should be a shift towards community-based services focusing on both contraception and STIs, including HIV.

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The number of men paying women for sex has nearly doubled in a decade, UK research suggests.

Surveys of 11,000 British adults in 19 found the rate increased from one in 20 to nearly one in 10 men.

In 2011, a Newsweek article titled "The John Next Door" claimed that up to 80 percent of men had at one time paid for sex.