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Stevel realised that our lives are moving in a new space and relationships are even more complicated. You’re always the perfect gentleman or lady – the dream man or woman who screams marriage material, even though you may not be ready to get married.’ presents a kaleidoscope of thoughtful reflections – of a man, his partners, friends and even strangers, whose experiences of love, loss and longing offer intimate insights for the gentleman who wants to be and do more for his woman.

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Stevel Marc is an esteemed emcee, humanitarian, entrepreneur and international model and actor born in Portland, Jamaica.

He has acted in many television and cinema commercials.

As a voice-over artist, he’s already lent his voice to numerous brands, television programmes and advertisements.

He studied film at the New York Film Academy and TVI Actors Studio.

Stevel shows us that it is possible to have those difficult conversations about money, sex, honesty and trust.