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It's an unremarkable cat, but he feeds it and talks to it, pets it and lets it rub his legs.And this is a salvo of incredible emotional intensity in their sealed-off relationship: The cat becomes a rival for the man's attention as his mistress never was, and the real affection he has for it seems like affection denied the wife.

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But if someone expresses interest, that person is generally disqualified.She had a bad fall and broke her leg, and would limp for the rest of her life.So she left the circus and married Julien, and for a long time, their marriage was a perfect one.Julien is played by Jean Gabin, the French legend of the 1930s through the 1950s, who has announced his retirement on any number of occasions but will occasionally make a film if the role is right. Most of the film takes place within the bourgeois home the couple bought after their marriage - a home that once had a pleasant setting, we assume, but now is boxed in at the end of a street and surrounded by mass-produced urban sprawl. The man is well-preserved and handsome, with a fine head of hair, and for years he's been having an affair with the woman who runs the corner bordello. But, curiously, his conversations are mostly about his wife.He complains, he mopes, but there's some deeply buried fondness there.You will receive a weekly newsletter full of movie-related tidbits, articles, trailers, even the occasional streamable movie.

It’s understandable that some of you dear readers want to kiss, date, fuck or even marry the French.

I discourage it, though; there are so many less complicated and more fun cultures for romance and humping. “Pretend you don’t want to fuck French girls.” He’s absolutely right; possibly the worst thing you can do is ask a French girl out on a date — see for example how French expats in America are quoted reacting to that here.

But I’ve been frequently asked for advice on the topic, and while I have none of my own, I can pass on the lovely wisdom of Stephen Croce, an American actor who lived in France for 15 years, spoke just a little French, and yet had extraordinary success in dating, when he wanted to. The above rule is all you need, and it’s applicable for French guys as well. It would be unwise to make your intentions apparent at first.

One is positioned horizontally between two others that are standing.

Thus being the board in a fence between two posts at each end.

It's mixed in with so much grouchiness and such an ancient litany of complaint that only an old friend like his mistress could interpret what he really means.