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The arrest resulted from an early morning search warrant executed on Garcia’s residence.

"Why wasn't he removed immediately within 24 hours?I'm writing due to my knowledge of the long-term, damaging effects of adults acting out their sexual distress on young people." Sanchez said he couldn't recall the letter he wrote in response, in which he wrote that the allegations would be discussed by the "proper persons." He said he didn't remove Lynn from service, as he had done with some other priests accused of sexual misconduct, because the allegations weren't specific.In December 1981, the archdiocese transferred Lynn from Mora to Raton.The 285,000-member Archdiocese of Santa Fe, which includes most of Northern New Mexico, has settled at least 171 sexual-abuse lawsuits and has five to 10 more pending, Nancy Kazik, vice chancellor of the archdiocese, said this week.The lawsuits have not only shaken faith in the church, but have pushed the archdiocese to the brink of bankruptcy, forcing it to sell land holdings to pay $1 million in counseling for victims and an undisclosed sum in the millions of dollars to settle lawsuits.Sanchez said that in October and November 1984, he got several letters about Lynn, including at least one expressing concern about his attraction to young boys.

In December 1984, the New Mexico Human Services Department wrote the archdiocese informing it of allegations of sex abuse by Lynn.

In that letter, an anonymous accuser said while Lynn was a priest in Mora, he made sexual advances "to me and other boys." Sanchez testified that he probably confronted Lynn about the charge, but "I cannot swear that I actually did or when I actually did it because I have no recollection." He said he also couldn't remember a letter from Mora parishioners to Pope John Paul II, saying they had complained to Sanchez about Lynn.

In 1981, according to the deposition, Sanchez got a letter from a mental-health worker about Lynn, saying, "I am not writing to inform you of the situation, as I know you are already aware of it.

But the church's response was to transfer Lynn from St. He eventually left the country for "the British Isles," church officials have said.

Here's Lynn's case history, as described in the deposition: Lynn was the subject of a letter to Sanchez in August 1980.

He transferred Donelan to Our Lady of Guadalupe Parish in Santa Fe.