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COM NOTICE OF PRIVACY PRACTICES THIS NOTICE DESCRIBES HOW MEDICAL INFORMATION ABOUT YOU MAY BE USED AND DISCLOSED AND HOW YOU CAN GET ACCESS TO THIS INFORMATION. JOSEPH PHARMACY is required by law to maintain the privacy of Protected Health Information ('PHI') and to provide individuals with notice of our legal duties and privacy practices with respect to PHI.This Notice of Privacy Practices ('Notice') describes how we may use and disclose PHI to carry out treatment, payment or health care operations and for other specified purposes that are permitted or required by law.

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These aren't just "the poor" -- when you see them with your own eyes, when you get to know them a little, they become real people, people just like us, all of us children of a loving God.Upon request, we will provide any revised Notice to you.Your Health Information Rights You have the following rights with respect to PHI about you: *Obtain a paper copy of the Notice upon request. Even if you have agreed to receive the Notice electronically, you are still entitled to a paper copy.The Notice also describes your rights and with respect to PHI about you.JOSEPH PHARMACY is required to follow the terms of this Notice.I will contact City of Hope to pick up the remaining donations on Saturday at noon.

JOSEPH PHARMACY 216 WEST 72ND STREET NEW YORK, NY 10023 TEL (212) 875-1718 FAX (212) 875-0921 E-Mail: [email protected] PHI is information that may identify you and that relates to your past, present or future physical or mental health or condition and related health care services.

New folks are welcome to join this important ministry at this time.

ALPS Adult Day Services As usual, All Saints' Episcopal Church will field a team of walkers. ALPS is a wonderful area resource and this fundraiser provides a fantastic opportunity for All Saints' community outreach. The walk should be over by , so Food On Foot workers will have sufficient time to get to their event.

3) An individual has been through the in-person training but has been asked to take one or more of the ministry-specific online modules pertaining to her/his area of ministry (summer camp, day school, etc.) Q: How do I find out about available training workshops, or sign up for online renewal?

A: Please contact Lynne Ann 423-586-6201 or Lauren Cordle All Saints' Episcopal Church Between the services, Jack Yates will be having a required training for everyone who works the soundboard.

The sale will be Friday, June 2 from 9 - 4 and Saturday, June 3, from 9 - noon. Please don't put things on the tables used for AA, etc. Those of you that helped last year will remember how much stuff we had to sort through.