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Several organizations maintain houses for their chapters in the area of Union Street (known locally as "Frat Row"), adjacent to the College Avenue Campus.

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Truck owners were forced to relocate due to the construction of a $84 million student apartment complex.The other exceptions to this rule are the Livingston Apartments, Demarest Hall, and Rainbow Perspective Special Interest Rooms in New Gibbons.(These, however require special applications to be made) Most floors and buildings are co-ed, with the exception of Douglass Residential College facilities for women.The Dance Marathon is a student-run organization that consists of a year-long series of fundraisers and culminates with the annual Marathon on April 5–6 in the College Avenue Gym.At the Marathon over 400 dancers pledge to raise funds and remain standing for 32 hours without sleeping.The 'Dancers', along with over 500 volunteers and countless visitors, are entertained by live bands, comedians, prize giveaways, games, sports, a mechanical bull, computer and internet access, various theme hours and much more.

Rutgers has held this tradition since 1999 and to date has raised in excess of $1.3 million for the Embrace Kids Foundation.

The Grease Trucks are a group of truck-based food vendors located on the College Avenue Campus.

They serve traditional grill fare, Middle-Eastern specialties, and are especially well known for serving "Fat Sandwiches," a sub roll containing various ingredients such as cheesesteak, burgers, pork roll, chicken fingers, French fries, mozzarella sticks, eggs, bacon, gyro meat, marinara sauce, etc.

Rutgers University – New Brunswick in New Jersey is the oldest campus of Rutgers University, the others being in Camden and Newark.

It is primarily located in New Brunswick and Piscataway.

With over 15,000 resident students, 5 different campuses each with its own identity, 58 residence halls, 4 dining halls and 30-plus food courts/cafés, students can find everything they need right on campus.