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(respectively)The pecan–nut casebearer is one of the most important early-season pests of pecan.The larvae overwinter in hiding spots in pecan trees and emerge to continue feeding in early spring on buds and stems.

Populations fluctuate in response to the availability of nuts and other unknown factors.Recently a sex pheromone (attractant) produced by the female nut casebearer was identified, synthesized, and tested for its attraction to males with excellent results.Baited traps can be placed in the orchard to monitor nut casebearer populations.During initial set, pecan trees are trained so that no limbs are lower than five feet.After about 20 years, the trees start to interfere with each other and may be pruned for several years before alternate trees are removed (2).All of the commercial pecan acreage in Florida is located north of Interstate 4, which runs east and west through Orlando.

Pecan production in Florida becomes increasingly concentrated in the northern and western regions of the state.

However, 'Lakota', 'Excel', 'Gafford', and 'Headquarters' are highly recommended for North Florida due to above-average yield, nut size, and disease resistance.

Among the historic cultivars, nut size of 'Elliott' is small.

In full-sun or part-shade locations, pecan trees grow best on fertile, well drained soil, whether acid or alkaline, but moist. They grow more slowly on dry, sandy soils and often defoliate early on such soils without sufficient irrigation (5).

Many pecan cultivars are not recommended for North Florida because of limitations such as a low percentage kernel or poor resistance to scab and other leaf diseases.

Distinctive signs of larval feeding damage are webbing and frass wrapped around the nutlets.