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They are stories of fed-up spouses, neighborly disputes and attempted murder-suicides in which the assailant survived.They are stories about what happens when you go your whole life without shooting or stabbing someone, and then one day, you do.

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He and Betty raised four kids, and over 64 years of marriage, the family tree grew to include thirteen grandchildren and six great-grandchildren. His life." Betty was a lover of music, a piano teacher who played organ at church and at the services of military men who'd died.They are stories that raise the question of whether, at a certain age, you can get away with murder.• • • By all accounts, Donald Rowland had lived a model life.About how he'd brought out their collection of photographs and then surrounded his wife with six boxes, one for each of the kids, plus a throw-away box and one for keepers."And that's how you know you're just getting old," he said.Five and a half months after killing his wife, Donald Rowland was free. In the 30 homicides the Riverfront Times identified in recent decades in Missouri involving offenders over the age of 75, only one person was sentenced to prison time.

A whole set of societal questions have come along with the combination of aging baby boomers and advancements in modern medicine, the result of which has drastically increased the population of senior citizens.

A 30-year veteran of the United States Air Force, Rowland served in administrative roles during World War II, and spent time in Korea, Japan and Vietnam. When his time in the military concluded, Betty and Donald moved around before settling in Columbia, Missouri, in 1993.

Rowland worked as a bank teller, climbing the ladder to vice president of a local branch and, along the way, earning friends in some well-respected pockets of the Midwestern college town's community.

The prosecution rebutted this claim, pointing to Rowland's calm demeanor for proof of his mental stability.

At the end of the interview with police, an investigator informed Rowland they had a warrant for his arrest.

It was the combination of this pill with Rowland's sleep deprivation and existing prostate medicine, Oxybutynin, that Dr.