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Hi Prabavathi here, age 28 and let me introduce the true incident happened in my life with my brother aged 29.

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He was fucking very fast after long time he cummed inside my ass hole then he sat on the chair and I sat on him facing towards him and said Anna inu yawadadaur tutunalli hakabeka, nanu ready (you want to put in any hole, I am ready) Anna: illa kane sustha aithu swalpa thadi (wait I was bit tired wait for some time) I gave my balls in his mouth and asked to lick and he was doing so then we started to kiss each other after some time his cock again erected.He then started to remove my button of my t-shirt from front. He then kissed my stomach and licked the center point of my stomach. Anna: le Praba halu antru illa ninna tulladru torisu (there is no milk at least show me you cunt) Me: Lo Anna tullu nodoke asthodu isthana (so much hurry to see my cunt) Anna " yaradu warusha dinda tullu nodilla adake ase (since I did not saw and cunt from 2 years that's why) Me: ba hagadare chaddi bichi ninne nodido (come then remove my panty and see my cunt) I just sat facing upwards he went down licking my leg thumb and slowly moved upwards licking my thighs Me: Anna nange tadedu koluvadu aaguvadill bega chaddi bichho ( bro remove my panty soon) He slowly removed my panty looked backwards and threw it when he turned toward me I immediately crossed my legs closing my cunt. It was bit tight was paining Me: Anna sahukasha haku novu aaguthide (bro slowly its paining) he didn't listen me started pushing almost half of his penis are inside my cunt.As he was removing one by one I was becoming shy and closing my eyes. Anna: yake tullu muchgotiya (why are you hiding you cunt) Me "ninage torisabaradu anta(not to show you) Anna: praba tullu iruvadu torisalu michilike alla (cunt is to show not to hide) Me: hagidare nidiko lo Anna, nanna tullu nodi ananda padu(then see my cunt bro enjoy it) he slowly separated by legs and went nearer to it and smelled it and said. Me: Anna nanage tadedu kolluvadu aguvadilla bega hadu ba (I can't control come on and fuck fast) Then he came on me and started to insert his cock into my cunt. He then removed outside and suddenly pushed strongly.Ninna tullina tumba kudalu ide yake bolisa baradu (there are lots of hairs around your cunt why don't you shave that Me: bolisi yarige thorisa beku anna (whom should I show by shaving bro) Anna: nanage torisu praba, innu munde adu nanage misalu (show me praba now on wards its for me) Me: hagiddare nalle ninne bolisu( then you only shave tomorrow) He said ok and inserted his middle fingure inside it and I said Anna: what happened Me: Anna ninna battu bedaa , adake ninna tunne bekagide (it don't want your finger it wants your cock) Anna: addannu hakutene swalpa thadi (wait I will put that also) He slowly moved his finger on my cunt lips I was feeling on cloud even I was putting my finger before while bathing but male finger is different from female finger. The monster cock was full inside my cunt and I was shouting with pain and he suddenly lip locked me and started to fuck after 3-4 shots I began enjoying his fuck.He understood I was enjoying then removed his lips and I was moaning aaahhhh hadu (fuck) hadu yes aaaaaaahhhh. He was still fucking very hard and was lifting my ass to support him after some time he cummed in me.I opened the commode and told him to piss first, but he told me piss first.

I put my leg on the commode and opened my cunt lips with my finger and about to piss he told to stop and he removed my finger.

While changing the cloths my mind was in the bathroom thinking of the scene after 2 years. He became to cry and I too became bit sentimental, I stood up and hugged him.

I saw a black monster cock with 9 inches long very thick. Anna: then you will forgive me Me: Anna even I do same thing bathroom I became bit bold and began to talk with him.

I removed his let and stood up immediately and went near the window.

I was becoming hotter and hotter by his words and started to rub ground with my leg thumb finger.

In that accident I lost my husband and 1 year daughter and my brother lost his wife and 2 children. We both decided to come to Bangalore for work and forget our memories.