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nearly 15,000 people died from prescription overdoses in 2008. government researchers say more people suffer deadly overdoses from prescription painkillers than heroin and cocaine combined.

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[ male announcer ] dulera is for patients 12 and older whose asthma is not well controlled on a long-term asthma control medicine, like an inhaled corticosteroid. dulera contains formoterol, which increases the risk of death from asthma problems and may increase the risk of hospitalization in children and adolescents. wrote those things down trying to figure out how to live a life like tha . it was filed by a passenger who says the officers used excessive force and violated his rights that bart station in november 2008. me ersatnd pvidebl edution eat me smate pals,dendduon prote t tes, staunt instry thatr whaeits al t abt. m-- tre ino surpris ne re m tly i s pr i n't aginthat ts uld rehaveeen lynnec d w ti hat inhat ul rge me s n ofhose t ven ec w t diffen gros o f peopl e e sof ho seei t hi sffneroo pple man. no ud isntou ki iro ic that evebo ki ic t bo surrndinthisashe next do n eighrrorin tis asext or nex t neig or's do n t or ig's husba, boh radl's bthereremusy i this m an jsedl e bveryerboem vo lv witisthi ms haseen jse ery lv itefhi hfectely nssed th poli as ey are ncty edth susp ectsli s re th havbeen ced. whe hotee of cialsay 's not romoti of al wily cont'sue t ser a st a ambaadoror t predentti. [ male announcer ] for dave, using citibank's online bill pay is as easy as setting up voicemail. le i ni wedsdayight repuic canfodateisedayor psideht ringarts t eacpuante oer. doe richa pern'heie s go.rnorrom t ashaave oe dic er th a o his? rea y dtongt,ararwhhe pa ser nitea d ltle sa iin ni vanied. yooalso eed knoknhe tt todryyl yosod no t thiodomanccus hman hi inanhe frorunn or g. sp thonlyersots t t h asn' thav en be cle cedsed ot r, thlyhso t h n' last ersobethatleawhes babyr,h ive. we had a communication problem with our floor director so now you will cue me, right? hrow m edi'm he wut n owwh ain makginem light o fm realexl rassmentakbut l o alletionagait rel rass aan tryi to comeleresionnt aai faand waam to ahean r yi o lifemectsins af men wfahod hamo r fe acallyeen pres midenen and w whe aions wer n 5 ac ly yen ares benefndore ty wh aionsra b5 whye in b offiece t d th media wn' t thi sn fi rk ed up o thr a whiteed w n' t mocric ca ke i e pierdrlsor new com inies to erakew es wttohoseills toet anven w searinon t senels sido a thre in trustente wit har reidoridot th aowinstitar idhat t ppen a in hoabou thit bit a en fam yhoou feuhi eraff t sto ttam heu ignid affto n tty fig h beten ni hiway ntrol andheigetolic it'shiy getolng ynd gire ts e byiche 'set ye t min 'll rig bac in l igac you uld ve aundlwith geics mui-pocy dcounu d adlthicmupo dun geo, sing opleoneyn re tn ju carnsurce. couple of nice saves in route to his league best shut out of the season. rich railroads makes it -- richards makes it 2-0 los angeles. i can't help it, you are about to see behind the scenes, sharks drop one point back of the kings. e siweekrsrialasft jon sptacl siekal begning prosutor portyedspclhimom asegng mone hungos doior whartver d mtooksoecur nengoi hha $15r 000 ok pemontur sary. orerm ttn i suld have bdn e offeeaded, f cngt the hola swyulha an fe dd,anded f te picyla c ahicken for fe. someing s nappropreia swhenulhey ked k mwne if i me wg antednaro en y leed b mase i ighs. ani nd w5 earrs t an nd work uputrage5 oon nead to do it or u anoutnyusge s ood t do a t s ne laes bind e coter re going ne g la bd co rr ed tought in thmudhrowin med without t ou hknowtg wh is ainthgdthem. callre al ctimpleoflyrant mca mrcainas ne crle hasse de. th , voyrs d not weeemed m be bying had a pretty good life, by normal definitions, everything was going well. i've been eating progresso and now my favorite old jeans.. investigators say it appears alcohol played a roll in the crash.

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look at this scene in san francisco early this morning. a san francisco police officer and three men raced into action, rescued the driver from the burning car.