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Certain overtures that can qualify as street harassment — saying “hey,” or complimenting an item of clothing — are not so far off from those Stark recommends. Which brings us to the elephant in the room: As a petite woman, Kio Stark stands a better chance at having her overtures well-received than, say, a six-foot-tall black man.So what distinguishes an instance of street harassment from an invitation to “street intimacy”? At the end of the book, Stark prescribes a series of “expeditions” to help her readers practice talking to strangers.

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Over the past few years, street harassment has become a major feminist issue, with some activists portraying public spaces as a battleground for women.“New research suggests that New Yorkers — residents of America’s unhappiest large city — might be happier if they acted less like New Yorkers,” Matthew Hutson wrote for Science of Us.Another New Yorker chastised herself, in Business Insider: “As a born-and-raised New Yorker, I’m an expert at ignoring people,” wrote Shana Lebowitz, who says this study prompted her to rethink her antisocial ways.In order to coexist peacefully, citizens follow a code of behavior sociologist Erving Goffman labelled “civil inattention.” By making brief eye contact with strangers and maintaining a pleasant expression, we recognize each other’s humanity without imposing hefty demands on everyone’s time and emotional resources.“We acknowledge that we briefly share space and we preserve distance, we relieve each other of the necessity for interaction,” Stark writes.On the other hand, if someone rubs you the wrong way you can jump immediately to the next conversation.

One of the problems with AZAR - Random Video Chat is that in order to meet people of the opposite sex, you have to pay money.

But according to Brooklyn resident Kio Stark, author of the new book , connecting with strangers can create an extraordinary amount of meaning and joy. “Talking to a stranger is, at its best, an exquisite interruption of what you were expecting to happen when you walked down the street or rode on a bus, shopped at the grocery store or wandered around a museum, whiled away some time on a park bench or waited in a long, slow line,” she writes.

“When something unexpected happens it calls you to full attention, turns your awareness outward to the world … And to be present is to feel alive.” Her TED Talk, urging jaded urbanites to engage with the strangers around them, has been viewed nearly a million times.

AZAR - Random Video Chat is exactly what its name suggests it is: an app that lets you have random video conversations with other users.

In other words, it's a sort of hybrid between Badoo and Chatroulette.

Only seeing profiles of people of the same sex is free, which means that if a guy is interested in women, he'll have to get out his wallet. AZAR - Random Video Chat is an interesting alternative to the same old flirting apps, such as Badoo or Meetic, since it suggests using a video conference instead of looking at photos and reading a little bit about the other person.