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Your friend will instantly get a map showing your precise position.

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And do you know what the circles mean in Facebook Messenger? KLM Royal Dutch Airlines now give passengers the option to receive their flight updates and check in notifications through Facebook Messenger. Swiping left while you’re making a transaction will let you choose a theme, such as wine bottles or cupcakes.Galaxy - Chat & Play - Sign up for free and join over 25 million registered users from around the world!Create your character and dive into an incredible virtual world.Create a mobile identity, browse personals to find someone that interests you, and start flirting whenever you want. Facebook Messenger is one those ubiquitous apps that almost everyone uses on a daily basis and doesn’t really think about it.If you get stuck you can always type @fbchess help for instructions.

Facebook have integrated a whole bunch of stickers for you to use in messages, with different styles available, and you can choose your favorites to keep them readily available.

It’s because of this that Facebook and various partner apps are making it even more powerful, with dozens of really interesting things you can do directly from Messenger.

You might not have noticed it, but Facebook Messenger isn’t just for text messages.

If you know someone who could use a dose of cuteness, open up a chat with them and type @dailycute.

It’ll instantly grab a cute image for you and post it.

It’s very simple to start voice or video calls by using the relevant buttons at the top of your chat.