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That is not something that can or should be regulated or controlled.

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It was clear that he was trying to get me to have sex with him, and it was so clearly out of line that I immediately took screenshots of these chat messages and reported him to HR.”In this exchange, he readily admits that he has been in trouble at work before because of his propositioning behaviors.So it is possible that not everyone who was propositioned by this manager even reported the issue. Women are not monolith in how they react and respond to sexual advances or disclosures like the one this manager made.It is a mistake to assume that it negatively impacted all of the female staff in the same way and that the most severe reaction was the yardstick by which HR made their call about what disciplinary actions were appropriate.As IBM celebrates its 100th birthday, many observers are rightly calling attention to the many strategic changes the company put itself through to remain relevant amidst dramatic technological and economic change.But one of the biggest transformations IBM went through is less about computers and more about culture.The sad but immutable fact is that the business of business is making money, not making people comfortable.

Laws will very likely never be written to accommodate employee issues to an extreme degree where the ability for an employer to make money and stay in business is compromised.

Code of Conduct documents exist to direct the professional behavior of staff but they cannot control it.

It is very important that you as an employee find a culture that best fits your ideals and vision of an employer.

There is something very important to remember about limitations of any Human Resources department.

They are not set up to be able to eradicate all mention of sex in the workplace.

Businesses exist to make money, not make friends or create perfect microcosms where no one is ever hurt or offended.