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Security officer dating sites

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Some become victims of online scamming gangs, originating in Africa, who target both Thai women and also the foreign men who use the popular websites.Despite repeated warnings from the authorities in Thailand, many Thai women have become victims of online scammers on international Thai dating and social network sites.

security officer dating sites-8

That number is expected to grow as more millennials settle down with significant others they met on Tinder, Ok Cupid, and other dating platforms.However, users should be careful about the information they supply on profiles, which can ask revealing questions about users.For example, some sites may give the option to list how much money you earn, in which neighborhood you live, where you were born and more valuable data points that can be used by identity thieves.The dating profile used a false photograph of a good looking European man.The scammer had flirted and interacted with Thai women on the popular chat app.(Source: Daily News Thailand) Thai women have been leading the surge in internet usage in the Kingdom for years.

As well as education and job searching, one notable trend is the large number of Thai women using international dating sites.

High-profile personal classifieds hacks have garnered headlines in 2015, so joining the wrong site could add your name to the growing list of Americans whose private data is no longer private.

Due to the open nature of online dating platforms, it’s easy for a criminal to pose as someone he or she isn’t.

That openness is why online dating works for some people.

This creates a pool of vulnerable potential victims for ID thieves to exploit through phishing.

Thai police revealed that, having gained of the trust of Thai women, the accused man would create fabricated story which would end up at a point where a large sum of money, which the scammer purported to be bringing with him to Thailand, was confiscated at the airport.