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We strongly recommend that you add a photo to your profile.Of course the single Russian women on our site want to read about you, your work, your hobbies and interests but you will get far more interest if they can see what you look like too.

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Other qualities are important too such as warmth, kindness and faithfulness.Not only are you taking control of your destiny many Russian women have traditional views and expect the man to get in touch first.Most of them will be delighted that you made the effort and you can begin getting to know each other.You may also want to add some photos of your home too which helps to build up the impression of you and your life.We find that men who take the initiative and make first contact enjoy more success with our beautiful Russian women.We recently heard from a man in Spain who was disappointed when he met up with some single Russian women who had looked like models in their photographs.

In real life they turned out to be nothing special. Women he saw on the streets of St Petersburg struck him with their natural beauty.

You want to find a woman who is positive, cheerful and good fun to be with.

And remember that some Russian women just take a better photograph.

" "Oh yes, I found her …but I was not her perfect man!

" Remember to be realistic in your search if you wish to find permanent happiness.

Why miss out on the chance to meet your soulmate when the answer lies in your hands?