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In Shadow Play - Part 1, Daring Do helps Pinkie Pie recover Somnambula's blindfold from a pit of green slime. Yearling does not make a physical appearance, but it is mentioned that she personally designed and approved all of the props used in the movie.In My Little Pony Equestria Girls: Rainbow Rocks, Spike is seen reading a Daring Do novel in Equestria. Actress Chestnut Magnifico is also cast to play Daring Do in the film. " On page 6 of My Little Pony Micro-Series Issue #1, Twilight Sparkle mentions having "read Daring Do and the Quest for the Sapphire Statue".In the first half-hour special, Dance Magic, Rainbow Dash comes up with a music video concept that Twilight Sparkle points out appears to have been lifted from the latest Daring Do book. On page 22 of the My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Issue #1 story The Return of Queen Chrysalis, Rainbow Dash says "I feel like Daring Do! An outfit with the same design and color scheme as Daring Do's outfit is worn by Rainbow Dash on the Hot Topic cover of Friendship is Magic Issue #6.Of Friendship is Magic Issue #16, an outfit with a similar design to and the same color scheme as Daring Do's outfit is worn by Rainbow Dash on a cover, Daring Do appears on cover RI, and the fictional Daring Do in Ponyville helps Applejack, Fluttershy, and Spike before she is sent back.In Friendship is Magic Issue #19, a note in an alternate universe reads "Daring Do over here is Bravely Blue?She also reads him a Daring Do book at the end of the episode.

In Flutter Brutter, Rainbow Dash reads Daring Do and the Ring of Destiny at the Shy residence to avoid talking to Zephyr Breeze, and A. Yearling appears depicted in a photograph in Pinkie Pie's wallet. Caballeron, intent on keeping an artifact called the Amulet of Culiacan out of his possession and hiding amongst Daring Do cosplayers. Caballeron abducts Rainbow Dash and Quibble Pants in order to lure Daring Do out, Daring comes to their rescue. Yearling's retirement from writing books, which she reveals is the result of her bad reputation in Southern Equestria for causing damage wherever she goes.

In Stranger Than Fan Fiction, Daring Do attends the Daring Do Convention under the guise of A. With Rainbow and Quibble's help, Daring Do secures a treasure called the Seven-Sided Chest of Chicomoztoc and delivers it to a museum. Through Rainbow Dash and Pinkie Pie's urging, Daring discovers that her bad reputation is part of Dr.

In A Royal Problem, Daring Do appears in a dream bubble as Princess Celestia views the dreams of everyone in Equestria. Caballeron's evil scheme to steal a collection of priceless glowpaz from the villagers of Somnambula.

Daring Do appears in book pictures in cover B and the Hot Topic cover of Friendship is Magic Issue #15, and she herself appears in the issue's story.

As Rainbow Dash assumes the role of Daring Do in the world of one of her books, the fictional Daring Do appears in Ponyville.

A parade balloon of Daring Do appears on page 6 of the Friendship is Magic Issue #10 story.