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Her first eight years of life were spent in an orphanage; during this time she developed a conviction that her biological father was Bob Hope, a belief she would retain until she met her real father toward the end of the series. She had eight siblings (two of whom were sisters and also named after flowers: Holly Lindstrom and Lily Lindstrom) and grew up very happy; she stated her parents loved all nine of them equally.

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She said, in The Engagement, that she'd be alive if she had taken her call.In the late-first-season episode Job Hunting, Dorothy states that Rose is 55 years old in 1986, which would put her birth year in 1930 or 1931.This makes her 54 or 55 when the series begins and 62 when the final season of The Golden Palace goes off the air in 1993.She was best known for her rambling, nonsensical stories about her bizarre hometown, St.Olaf, Minnesota, that her roommates endured with exasperated silence—and the occasional muttered insult.Rose was born on March 12, 1931 out of wedlock to a monk and his lover, Ingrid Kerklavoner.

Her biological mother died during childbirth, and her father returned to the monastery.

The town named Rose the Woman of the Year anyway, stating that she exhibited the principles for which the award stands (and because the runner-up, who would have won the award instead of her, was disqualified for 'a skeleton in her closet'; this being St. In October 1989, the company Rose’s husband worked for went bankrupt and eliminated their pension plan.

As a result, Rose was forced to look for a higher-paying job.

Dorothy Zbornak found out that Rourke was a fraud who repeatedly conned army wives out of their money, but couldn't tell Rose in time.

As it turned out, Rose turned down his offer because, although she enjoyed reminiscing with him, she didn't love him.

Charlie and Rose fell in love at a Glenn Miller dance (though it wasn't his orchestra, it was Dick Singleton and the Single Tones), got engaged in 1946 and married in 1948. Charlie and Rose had a long and happy marriage and had five children: Bridget Nylund, Gunilla Nylund (pronounced "Janella"), Kirsten Adams, Adam Nylund, and Charlie Nylund, Jr..