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Regular expression for validating domain name

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NET there are controls that rely on the language of regular expressions.

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Explicit quantifiers use curly braces and number values for upper and lower occurrence limits within the braces.Below are some sample patterns and inputs they would match. (period or dot) metacharacter is one of the simplest and most used. This can be useful for specifying that certain patterns can contain any combination of characters, but must fall within certain length ranges by using quantifiers.The constructs within regular expressions that have special meaning are referred to as metacharacters. Also, we have seen that expressions will match any instance of the pattern they describe within a larger string, but what if you only want to match the pattern exactly?For example, x would match exactly five x characters (xxxxx).When only one number is specified, it is used as the upper bound unless it is followed by a comma, such as x, which would match any number of x characters greater than 4.A particular string can be described, literally, by itself, and thus a regular expression pattern like foo would match the input string foo exactly once.

In this case, it would also match the input: The food was quite tasty, which might be not be desired if only a precise match is sought.

Now you've gone beyond what literal strings can do (within reason)—it's time to learn some more about regular expressions.

Below is a sample literal expression and some inputs it would match.

In the last five decades, regular expressions have slowly made their way from mathematic obscurity to a staple feature of many tools and software packages.

While regular expressions were supported by many UNIX tools for decades, it was only in the last decade or so that they have found their way into most Windows developers' toolkits.

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