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Before an unlikely move back to the UK he spent almost 7 years as a Post-Doctoral Fellow and then Assistant Research Scientist at the University of Michigan.

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He has worked on the geochemical and isotopic characterization of groundwater systems applying field techniques and numerical simulations., pension complète Départ : Paris Voyage sélectionné pour vous ! Title: Preparing for future Ebola outbreaks: Candidate Ebola vaccines delivered using a ring vaccination strategy Speaker: Dr Ana Mara Henao Restrepo, Medical Officer, Department of Immunization Vaccines and Biologicals (WHO), Geneva The International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) and the National Cancer Center of China (NCC) have signed a new agreement to renew and expand their collaboration on cancer prevention and control.He studies the chemical and physical processes of reaction between fluids and rocks.He has worked on the genesis and evolution of oceanic and continental crust, chemical cycles in subduction zones, and new mechanisms for earthquake initiation.His primary focus now is on geologic capture and storage of CO (CCS), and reaction-driven cracking processes in natural and engineered settings, with application to CCS, geothermal power generation, hydrocarbon extraction, and in situ mining.

He teaches a popular course on “Earth Resources for Sustainable Development” at Columbia, as well as courses and seminars on petrology, geochemistry, and geodynamics.

He also develops new tracer techniques for monitoring and accounting of CO.

Damon’s research principally involves the role of fluids in geological and environmental processes with emphasis on the formation and evolution of the ocean crust, sea floor hydrothermal systems and their influence on global geochemical cycles, fluid flow during metamorphism and mountain building, ore mineralization, and unconventional approaches to carbon sequestration.

The selected candidate may be eligible for one further five-year term., examines for the first time the global burden for cancer among young adults aged 2039 years.

The report provides critical evidence of the burden of the disease in this age group and highlights the urgent need for adequate prevention measures, timely diagnosis, and cancer care.

She moved back to the UK from Germany in September 2015 to take up her current post at Southampton.