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Questions to ask a church when candidating

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I may not know very much in life, but one thing I do know is that forcing someone to instantly get over fears of public speaking by exposing life traumas to a crowd, while being told their crazy from a self-proclaimed mindset leader isn’t a winner formula.

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This was a solidifying moment for my sad experience at the Landmark Forum!#4 – This one still might be my favourite, even though know how much you guys love to save a dollar or two from point #1!Now, after these paying customers divulged very scarring personal information about themselves to the crowd, Barry Terry in all his mighty arrogance would label these people as crazy and laugh at them.Yes, I know this complex approach of reparation that is so unfamiliar to the masses, but trust me when I say IT WORKS (and often cost you nothing).Taking responsibility for the things you have done wrong in life and now apologizing for your part is an invaluable experience.Now Barry Terry, I guess they don’t teach about ego not being your amigo in leader training.

3# – Making people speak in front of a crowd they weren’t comfortable with, coercing them to disclose person information to get down to the hard truths of their problematic lives, because this would solve their problems.

My course leader was a fine gentlemen named Barry Terry from Virginia.

He had supposedly been a senior trainer for a couple decades and was self-proclaimed as “excellent” and “one of the best” in his field.

I will admit it has been a couple years since I have taken a psychology course at the University level, but I don’t ever recall reading about the benefits of public humiliation as a useful tool in behaviour change.

#5 – Course leaders dominated their co-workers with what seemed to be a subservient regime.

I was excited to take part in the event and sat down in a large hall filled with a 100 other strangers.