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Pros and cons of dating in college

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Jealousy is also less likely to come into play when dating fellow Greeks since they know it’s normal to socialize and party with so many members of the opposite sex at least two times a week.“I know girls who dated guys outside of the Greek system, and they freak out because they think their girlfriends are going to be exposed to a lot of drinking and a lot of guys,” said Rachel Cornwall, a senior at UC Berkeley.

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Multiple couples from two houses can build a strong overall relationship between the fraternity and sorority, meaning more mixers, formals and parties that couples can attend together.Several days ago, my girlfriend and I came to a mutual agreement that things weren't working out the way we would've wanted them to.Because of long-distance difficulties, we both felt as though the relationship wasn't at the level it needed to be at.Many of the couples I came to know had gone to high school together, and so they were used to seeing each other on a pretty regular basis.To go from that consistent face to face interaction to one more dependent on emotion and technology seemed to be an unneeded source of stress.Whether it’s out of spite or pure drunkenness, people can find themselves in sticky situations.

“I know girls who’ve had sex or made out with an ex’s frat brother just to get back at him,” said Renee Leap, a sophomore at Cal State Fullerton.

Adam Lo Dolce, a dating coach and the author of Being Alone Sucks!

, was in a fraternity during his college years and is familiar with some of the benefits and drawbacks of dating within the Greek system.

“You have similar social circles and that can allow you to spend more time together,” said Lo Dolce.

“Clearly the disadvantages of dating someone outside of Greek life is that because it is a very closed-off group, it can be harder for couples to socialize with that group if one of them is not in a sorority or fraternity.” Not only will Greek couples be able to hang out more if they have mutual friends, but these friends can also help them through a rough patch and be the “cheerleaders” of the relationship.

There is a strict rule in sororities that boys cannot spend the night, and if the other option is the fraternity house, good luck.