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Promoting safe dating

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Internet web browser history list (this is a record of web sites visited) contains unusual sites.This is an easy way to catch a cheater unless they clear their cache (memory) often or use a software to clean it.

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Make sure your husband or boyfriend is not advertising on these sites!Once you know the passwords you will be able to enter any site that someone tries to keep hidden from you, or login to secret Hotmail, YAHOO, AOL or other web based email accounts.There are more benefits to PC Pandora than you can ever imagine.Some other sites he may be frequenting are, which is the internet's largest escort site, in addition to This is another easy way for your man to cheat without you ever knowing.If you suspect your partner is cheating, and they don't have a cell phone, it wouldn't be a bad idea to buy them one.

Most men who are having affairs or seeing escorts wipe out the information from their hard drive with programs like Window Washer which makes them more difficult to catch, but not impossible. Uses computer alone and secretly with a demand for privacy - If someone begins cheating, whether on-line or in real life, they'll often go to great lengths to hide the truth from their partner.

If your mate claims to be working late, check paycheck stubs to verify this overtime.- Joins a health gym or weight reduction clinic.- Tanning salon visits.- New hairstyle.- Wears hair spray, colognes & perfumes more often.- Excessive buying of new and different clothes.- Gets laundry done independently.- Buys sexy underwear or lingerie.- More frequent bathing and more careful grooming.- An unexplained indifference or aloofness in the relationship.- Spontaneous plans or events that do not include you.- Cheater is often distracted and daydreaming.- Asks about your schedule more often than usual.- Viagra usage increases. Cheater shuns things like shared baths, talking over the dishes after dinner, or renting a video on Saturday night.

Cheater doesnt get as excited about taking vacations together and avoids talking about long-range relationship plans.

Write down 10 "yes" or "no" questions and ask your partner to take one.

They are fairly accurate but I would not rely soley on this method.

PC Pandora can protect you from allowing your spouse or significant other to CHEAT on you!