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So many girls banged each time & low costs of living. Here’s the video where I talk about the full story.

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In commercial brewing, the natural carbonation effect is often removed during processing and replaced with forced carbonation.Beer is distributed in bottles and cans and is also commonly available on draught, particularly in pubs and bars.The brewing industry is a global business, consisting of several dominant multinational companies and many thousands of smaller producers ranging from brewpubs to regional breweries.A fermented beverage using rice and fruit was made in China around 7000 BC.Unlike sake, mould was not used to saccharify the rice (amylolytic fermentation); the rice was probably prepared for fermentation by mastication or malting.I’ll talk about where to get the best pussy, prices & recommended gogo bars.

What better way to start off this article than by talking about my first trip to Pattaya, Thailand.

Now, not only was this my first trip to Pattaya, it was also my first trip to Thailand.

Well, it’s a long story: Basically, some friends told me about their trips, that they’re going for 2 months straight every year.

[speedbumplink prefix="READ" url="https://com/2017/11/meek-mill-jail-time-probation-violation/" content="Meek Mill May Be Heading To Jail For A Couple Of Years"] CBS Philly's Joe Bolden reports the rapper was given the sentence during his hearing at the Criminal Justice...

Skeme couldn't let the year go by without giving fans another care package before his full album is released in 2018.

Today in Canada, the Canadian Government’s Food and Drug Regulations state that beer must have alcohol content that ranges from 1.1% to 8.6%, though it also includes a stipulation that it could be greater than 8.6% and labeled accordingly.