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Police dating canada

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We all feel the same when it comes to helping people.

Like most of the profession, their hours are terrible and days are uncertain.I have a lot of friends that are cops and fire fighters. I also love man in uniform Black or white are you kidding.All they teach us in academy is that everything is in the grey area there is no definative black or white.yes there is corruption and there are some badass cops but they are not the ones who each day put their lives in danger to help those in need.We all have feelings even though we try not to show it.Helfinger, too dumb to be in charge of anything, somehow managed to run this place in a manner reminiscent of MASH's Col. This was fun while it lasted, but I guess it didn't deserve to.

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Where I live the cops are too lazy and corrupt to have any kind of respect for them.

Had to go to the Chief and TELL him to tell his boys to clean up their act. And after he ran a check on me he was full of apologies etc)Also, I keep in mind the fact that they SIGNED ON FOR THE JOB and have their guns to protect them.

I would love to meet you in court, where I will file counter charges for sexual harrassment, ..." and listed off about a half dozen charges. That or they are brainwashed by the media - which as of late just *loves* to tell stories about corrupt cops.

He slunk back to his car and I never heard anything about it again, much less got ticketed.) I could give you a list of examples that goes on forever. CNN's cute little money list missed the boat big time..second most dangerous job(for FATALITIES)...... Ask one of those beseiged, hard working single Moms that have to work a night-shift servicing drunks, crackheads, and all around ***holes.

No I do not wear an uniform and have not for a very long time.