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Picasa not updating a folder

picasa not updating a folder-61

I’ve tried many programs over the years, such as Adobe Lightroom, ACDsee, and Windows Live Photo Gallery, none of them seemed to achieve what I was wanting, which was to organize my photo collection and sort them by date.Lightroom is great for editing and tweaking photos, which is what I mainly use it for, but its resource intensive and slow.

Lightroom will allow the thumbnail list be sorted by date, but it’s very unintuitive and hard to differentiate since its all bunched together.This app makes it easier to upload photos and videos stored on your computer, or from attached cameras and storage cards, into the Google Photos online service.being replaced by a Google Photos desktop app, though it’s certainly arguable that the time has come for Google to finally put Picasa to rest.I noticed that the left is lacking a tree folder/date list that I’ve grown used to in other apps, but instead there are options: Collection, Albums, and Folders.I believe “Collections” is what I’ve been looking for in a photo viewer.You have to manually import Photos/folders, and it sorts them via a folder list.

I want the program to take all my photos from all the folders in my list, and sort them via date, as Picasa did.

ACDsee has a nice new feature called “Photos”, which sorts images in a timeline, but much like Lightroom, it too is bulky and slow, and you have to manually tell it to rescan the folders to detect changes such as removed, or added photos.

I was really learning towards ACDsee, but while writing this article I decided to check out the built in Photos APP in Windows 10.

However, Google Photos Backup is a desktop uploader program only – it’s not a replacement for Picasa’s desktop software, which also features tools for organizing photos into albums, favoriting items, or filtering by photos or videos, and more.

Some Picasa users may have spotted this change following a recent update delivered through Google’s Software Update program, which is used to update and patch bugs in Picasa on the desktop, among other things.

Which is too bad, because over all Lightroom is nice.