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Telephone coaches are only paid for the time they are actually connected to a coaching client.As 70% of our calls are from repeat (regular) callers it can take between 30 and 90 days before your income can build to a consistent amount.

I’ll often ask twice, as in “I’ve got some feedback that might be helpful for you to hear, if you’re interested.” And then I’ll ask a second time – “It may be tough to hear, are you sure you’re OK with me sharing it?Our average telephone coaching call lasts 80 minutes and many calls last for more than two hours.If you are interested in this position, please click here for more information.We have to assume that the way our client is “doing dating” hasn’t yet provided the intended result.The introductions we do together give us a chance to shine a light on what’s REALLY happening in this client’s love life, as we get to hear and study impressions and post-date blow-by-blows from both sides of the table.i suggest get her program first before doing a phone session with her cause it help her figure out what you need help on and make her job easier to help you so she can see where you are lacking in your dating life with women.

We have another awesome speaker from the 2015 Matchmakers and Date Coaches conference contributing with a guest post.

The better our coaching is, the sooner we are likely to get our clients off in a happy relationship, which is the win/win we’re seeking with each of our clients.

Today’s modern day matchmakers are scheduling post-date feedback calls and coaching calls as key elements of our client service packages, making it clear from the start that we’re here for them not only as catalysts for personal introductions but also as enablers of personal growth.

- Approaching women - Analysis of pick up technique - Finding your Personal Style - Being a leader - Becoming confidant - Avoiding scariness,fear,negativity,and fright - Shedding the nice guy image - Being fun and funny.

- Making women interested and attracted - Sexually attract woman - Flirting - Teasing women - Making a woman comfortable - Not a boring guy.

We know this intellectually, and yet as matchmakers we are constantly befuddled when we see the wish lists and the real live situations that so many of our prospective clients bring into our offices.