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Although the confrontation was offensive, officials said the only charge that may be applicable in this case is causing a disturbance.“One of the first things I heard her say was, ‘Oh, you’re just a stupid [expletive] Filipino,’” Correa told CTV Vancouver on Wednesday.“There was swearing.” In the video Correa later posted to Facebook, the woman can be heard hurling offensive language at the Filipinos.Cybersex trafficking is the live sexual abuse of children streamed via the internet, set up by adults who receive online payments from predators and pedophiles located anywhere in the world.Before the internet, customers had to travel to the Philippines.This crime will keep spreading until communities start to see consequences and traffickers setting up the sexual exploitation of children are restrained.

Building on the strong success of our programs to combat child sex trafficking (2000–2015), we continue to advise, mentor and train officials so that impunity ends for criminals and children are protected from cybersex trafficking.

Metro Vancouver transit police are investigating a racist confrontation between a white woman and a senior Filipino couple aboard the city’s Sky Train this week that was captured on camera by multiple witnesses.

The three passengers involved in the heated exchange were travelling on the Millennium Line train heading towards Brentwood Town Centre at approximately 2 p.m. The disturbance began when the woman told the Filipino couple they were speaking too loudly, according to Paula Correa, a witness who filmed the argument on her phone.

Her demented methods included torture and in one instance, led to the death of one of the kids.

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"The couple was replying to her perfectly fine." Another passenger, Ashley Klassen, also recorded the dispute on her cellphone and uploaded it on social media.