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My name was the same on Climax :) Looking for strictly role play. Love a cold beer on the deck whenever I can with whoever wants to join. Hoping to push my boundaries and explore some fantasies. If I poke you I like you and if you like me too please send me a message!

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We were the three musketeers, but instead of rifles we used keyboards, firing off anywhere from 50 to 300 messages a day.For most of its run, a week, on successive weeknights (which was unusual at the time).The episodes were two-parters; a cliffhanger punctuated the end of the first episode and the narrator iconically told the audience to "tune in tomorrow — same Bat-Time, same Bat-Channel!" The series switched to airing once a week in the final season., an original theatrical feature film based on the series, was released in 1966. " The series is sometimes blamed for causing the Batman comic line to adopt a "campier" tone as well, but in truth the main difference between this series and the "New Look" Batman comics that immediately preceded it was that the TV show was intentionally funny.Among other things, the movie's larger budget provided the Dynamic Duo with some additional vehicles that stuck around for the remainder of the TV series (by recycling footage from the film): the Bat-Boat, the Bat-Copter, and the Bat-Cycle. Many enjoy it for its sheer farce and surrealism — or for its nostalgia value — but at the same time, many modern Batman fans consider this Batman to be the opposite of the Batman they know and love. The series did play a key role in the continued existence of the entire Bat franchise, however; comics sales had been in a serious decline, but the series provided a great deal of publicity, which led to a much-needed sales boost in Batman comics.There were messages to be read first thing when you woke up, messages to be read on your commute home, and messages to be read before you went to sleep.

Because why spend hours on end talking on the phone when you can put your friends in your pocket and take them with you?

were assigned to create a Batman TV series; not being big fans of the comics, they hit on the idea of lampshading and parodying the over-the-top tropes of comics and the square humorlessness of superheroes.

Producer William Dozier and head writer Lorenzo Semple, Jr.

I want to get up there and tell entertaining stories but that are also to a certain extent clean.

This is the campy, colorful, comedic adaptation of the titular comic book character, produced for ABC from 1966 to 1968; it featured Batman (played by Adam West) and Robin (played by Burt Ward) foiling daffy and innocuous criminals via detective work and slow fist-fights which were punctuated by large comic-style POW! The result was an instant smash hit in 1966 that appealed to both kids and adults: children tuned in for the superhero adventures, while adults caught the jokes and satirical humor.

The messages we wrote were an online mirror of our friendship that crystallised into a startlingly real world.