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Pc companion not updating xperia s

Resetting is useful if you have serious issues with your phone or if you intend to sell it, cleaning away your own settings and data. There are a few simple usability options that help things along, such as the option to have the companion start as soon as you plug in your phone.Another example is that during a reset, the software clearly explains each stage and reminds you to save your google login details.

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There's plenty of informative threads in that forum, including: As for what specific ROM to use, I'll leave that up to you.This software handles backups for you and gives easy access to your phone, plus, it’s totally free.Simply put, Xperia Companion runs on your PC and lets you have better access to a connected Xperia device.Installing is nice and easy, with various languages on offer and a simple install wizard.The software is very easy to use, starting with screen showing your handset, device storage space and three big icons for browsing your phone content, updating software and performing a reset.Your first step however should be unlocking your bootloader, getting root and getting CWM Recovery installed on your phone.

When you have that installed, you can always create a complete backup of your phone, so if anything breaks you can always restore to that backup via the recovery, since the recovery remains untouched between ROM installations.

You can even reset your device if you want to go back to scratch.

Multimedia access is secondary but just as useful, letting you manage, sync and transfer files to and from your phone with ease.

In this regard it performs a similar function to i Tunes, letting you access the phone with Windows and a mouse, which is great for spring cleaning.

Using touchscreen to do everything can be a pain, plus when you update, you want to know that your information is safely backed up.

There’s always a little trepidation about updating, but if you have a Sony Xperia device, then Xperia Companion is on hand to make life easier.