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Singaporean model-actress Sheila Sim will make an entrance walking down the aisle as opposed to the catwalk this year, after accepting her boyfriend's proposal on New Year's eve. Onward with 2017 as I begin a new chapter of my life! And when that day comes, you'll realize no matter how painful it was, it's all worth it now. #sheilalovesherlife #ds1507 #jcsx #foodforthought #love Speaking to Shin Min Daily News, the 32-year-old said she was attracted to her boyfriend's simple nature and thoughtful ways.According to local media reports, the pair got to know each other last year through a dating app, and he popped the question after just six months. On top of everything else, you've given me clarity of mind and heart. #sheilalovesherlife #sheilaonvacay #Niseko #Hirafu #DS1507 A photo posted by Sheila Sim (@sheila_sim) on All that the lanky model-turned-actress would reveal about her Singaporean husband-to-be is that he is 36 years old, works in the banking industry, and is currently posted overseas. It may be a whirlwind romance, but Sim said she was ready to pull the plug on the relationship if her "on-screen family" did not approve of him.

But it will also make depictions of violence even more lifelike, to the dismay of critics.In addition, Sims can ask him about various aspects of magic.Outside of Magic Town, he delivers the Magi Co Magical Starter Kit (also known as A Mysterious Package) to all residential lots.The next generation of games consoles—which will be launched over the next few months by Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo—will intensify the debate over gaming and its impact on society, as the industry tries to reach out to new customers and its opponents become ever more vocal.Games consoles are the most powerful mass-produced computers in the world and the new machines will offer unprecedented levels of performance.IS IT a new medium on a par with film and music, a valuable educational tool, a form of harmless fun or a digital menace that turns children into violent zombies?

Video gaming is all these things, depending on whom you ask.

Chew in particular, was impressed by how gently and respectfully he treated Sim's grandmother when they visited her on set.

According to Toggle, Chen added that the pair are "very compatible in terms of their height and looks".

An entire generation that began gaming as children has kept playing. Most are “digital natives” who grew up surrounded by technology, argues Marc Prensky of games2train, a firm that promotes the educational use of games.

He describes older people as “digital immigrants” who, like newcomers anywhere, have had to adapt in various ways to their new digital surroundings.

The actor said Sim's boyfriend had told him about the proposal before it happened, and she had called him to share the happy news after she accepted the ring.