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Oral fetish dating

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They put themselves out of commission for one week a month.One guy even told me that having sex on my period causes cancer. But still, the conviction with which he delivered the information impressed me.

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Society isn't as used to seeing it as we'd like them to be. Man B: Older women know what they want, so I don't have to guess.Alix Fox, a fetish expert and sex writer, told the Telegraph, "For a proportion of women, having a guy go down on them while they’re feeling crampy and grotty is not fun.That doesn’t necessarily mean they’re repressed or afraid of their own womanhood—they’re just not into it."And then there’s the male perspective.The author writes, “Put it this way; some guys are absolutely disgusted at the mere thought of going anywhere near her vagina when it should be 'closed for maintenance,' but you find her so incredibly sexy that it really doesn't matter.You're not repulsed, in fact, you'd even be willing to go down...okay, I’m kidding, take it easy.”See what I mean? And while they aren’t exactly new, the fact that people are no longer embarrassed to talk about them is. I can’t have sex—I’m on my period,” will start to evaporate. Man C: Nothing is really different about sleeping with older women. In many cases, they've already had their families, so neither of us are dependent on the other. Man A: There wasn't anything I didn't like about it.

Overall, she is definitely in control of the situation, which I find really sexy.

But let it be known: period sex isn’t just something guys put up with. A friend's boyfriend loved having sex while his girlfriend was on her period because it turned him on to see his member covered in blood every time he pulled out.

Another friend said her boyfriend looked forward to sex when she was menstruating because he could come inside her of (he mistakenly believed women were incapable of getting pregnant while on their period).

Man B: Yes, I didn't like that most women my own age didn't seem to be in control of the relationship or in bed.

Man C: I married a girl my age and dated a couple others who were around my age.

And before the bloodhounds there were the “menophiles,” or men who have a fetish for period sex.