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Researcher Martha Ardila is one of the authors of the book “Desafíos para el Regionalismo Latinoamericano en el contexto internacional del siglo XXI” introduced September 2017, in Buenos Aires, Argentina.The Cultural Decanatura opens a new call for all readers of the “Un Libro por Centavos” (Book for Pennies) collection, to participate, as critics and anthologists, from September 25, 2017, to January 15, 2018.

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For legal inquiries, please first review our terms of service and privacy policy.For all other legal questions or concerns, please email [email protected] esta Plataforma utilizamos cookies propias y de terceros para mejorar su experiencia y nuestros servicios, analizando la navegación en la Plataforma.The community spokesman claims that Mocoa is in desperate need of assistance for the revival of the economy with a Ministry of Commerce census revealing that 354 merchants were affected by the disaster, 164 losing their entire businesses.Arciniegas explained that the situation is critical with the regions’ already high rate of unemployment of 16% continuing to spiral.According to this code, all participants including organizers, speakers, volunteers and attendees are expected to show respect and courtesy among themselves in all aspects of the conference, its organization and the events taking place in the context of the conference.

To be more explicit than is expected of any person participating in the event and the global and local community of Python and Pycon Colombia are required to comply with the following Code of Conduct.

The organizers of this event and any event in the future are subject to enforce following and complying with international and Colombian laws and the spirit of the International Python Society (Python Software Foundation Py Con Colombia is dedicated to providing a conference free of harassment for all members, regardless of gender, sexual orientation, physical abilities, physical appearance, race or religion.

No abuse will be tolerated by any conference participant.

Participants of our community of any type (Organizers, Speakers, Volunteers and Assistants) who do not comply with any of these rules will be expelled from the conference without any reimbursement at the discretion of the organizing committee of the conference.

Thank you for being subject to these terms and welcome to Py Con Colombia. If you have been harassed, or realize that someone else is being harassed or is violating the International Terms of the Py Con Colombia or have any problems, please contact our organizers: Our team at the conference will also be available to collaborate and contact local security or assist you to ensure your safety. In case of any violation of the terms of this code of conduct by the organizers please contact the main organizer of the conference, John Roa or as a last resort to the PSF.

According to Deccy Ibarra, president of the Putumayo Chamber of Commerce, “the speed of the measures is not the same as the results.”The failure of the Santos administration to fulfill the promises made in the aftermath of the disaster has led to much discontent around the city with graffiti sprayed on the disaster ruble demanding answers.