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Gopal added, “In this new space of application/web development almost everyone is self-taught because the technical underpinnings are not taught anywhere, and universities are yet to catch up. In the true spirit of education, we want to address the hardest challenges that people face in this field - getting started on a solid foundation”.This course will help in developing skills crucial to someone wanting to develop apps and get started on their own.

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Besides being free for everyone, anywhere, the course strives for the right balance between theory and practice by focusing on building an application quickly while also ensuring that it never breaks.Talking about the motivation of the instructors for giving such a course, Professor Raina says,“Our larger objective is to get the youth excited about technology, and about building solutions for both local and global problems.The course will teach students some of the technology skills that are integral to the modern digital economy”.8 of 1947), except section one thereof, shall apply mutatis mutandis with reference to any board constituted under sub-section (3) of this section: Provided that the Director and every objector and every person in regard to whose classification the objection has been made, shall be entitled to appear before the board concerned either in person or by counsel or attorney on his behalf, to cross-examine witnesses and to adduce such evidence as may be relevant to the matter before the board: Provided further that all sittings of a board shall be held in public or in camera as the person whose classification is in issue may elect.(6) A board may, if it is satisfied that an objection made in terms of sub-section (1) against the classification of a person other than the objector is unfounded or frivolous or vexatious, order the objector to pay to the person against whose classification the objection has been made, an amount not exceeding an amount equal to the reasonable costs incurred by the latter in connection with his appearance at the hearing of the objection, and any such order shall have all the effects of and may be executed as if it were a civil judgment of a magistrate’s court.(3) Every objection received by the Director in terms of sub-section (2) shall be referred by him for decision to a board of not less than three persons, including the chairman, constituted for the purpose by the Minister, and presided over by a person, appointed by the Minister, who is or has been a judge of the Supreme Court of South Africa, or a magistrate: Provided that no objection which relates to the classification of a person other than the objector shall be so referred for decision unless the objector has paid the deposit referred to in sub-section (4).

(4) Every person who lodges an objection with the Director in terms of sub-section (2) against the classification of any other person, shall deposit with the Director an amount of ten pounds which amount shall— (5) The provisions of the Commissions Act, 1947 (Act No.

In addition, an examination (optional) will be conducted on completion of the course and on successfully clearing it, one can obtain a certification from IIT Madras.

30 of 1950) was a South African law which from the apartheid era which required every citizen and resident to be classified according to their race and ethnic group, and recorded in the population register.

“Director” means the Director of Census appointed under section four of the Census Act, 1910 (Act No.

2 of 1910), and includes the Assistant Director of Census and any officer acting under a delegation from or under the control or direction of the Director; “white person” means a person who in appearance obviously is, or who is generally accepted as a white person, but does not include a person who, although in appearance obviously a white person, is generally accepted as a coloured person. The particulars required for the compilation of the register in respect of the population of the Union as at the fixed date shall be extracted by the Director from the forms and returns received by him under the Census Act, 1910 (Act No.

It was one of the foundations of legislative apartheid, with all the subsequent segregation legislation being based on the classification it established.