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Online dating safety issues

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In an article by ABC News, a woman was scammed out of money by a man she met online.After looking at a survey in which 243 people responded, a total of $2.2 million was lost due to romantic financial scams.

Communicating online also tends to give way to mixed signals since a person can't read body language or facial expressions and conversations can often be misleading.The whole idea of dating someone is to get to know that person well enough to establish a real connection that could possibly develop into a relationship.This is not possible, however, when a picture someone shows of themselves is so outdated that they're barely recognizable when you meet them in person.This could be because you simply weren't ready to get married and commit just yet.For some, getting married involves moving to a different city or country and they aren't able to adjust to this change.Please remember that help is available so don't be afraid to seek it if you need it.

Marriage problems for some couples start with their inability to adjust to their new life.

So what happens is you don't know enough about your partner, or worse, they've lied to you and convinced you about them and their life that are definitely not true.

So you get married and then realize things aren't exactly the way you were made to imagine.

This might be temporary for some, and with some help you can get through it.

For others, you might realize you're too miserable and not so-in-love anymore, and in such a situation it's best to separate.

Just because you can now shop, order food, work and talk to your friends online does not mean you should also start using the Internet for dating. People are better off sticking to the traditional way of dating and actually meeting the person face to face before starting a relationship.