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Online adult chat bot

Endurance has launched an open source project for the development of a chatbot that can be a companion for senior people, and people with Alzheimer’s disease.The English based version was launched this year, and can ask questions and respond to a variety of topics.

The team behind was human’ gets some strange results, as does any human with an animal.A recently added feature on Messenger, called Messenger Day (similar to Snapchat Stories), has become more popular with teens than was expected when the feature was rolled out earlier this year.It is likely that chatbots are also going to be a feature of your child’s social media life, and a parent bot could easily fit into this routine.6.This one is for everybody, adults and children alike.Chris Pratt and the Guardians (most importantly Groot) on your device means you can directly engage with their ongoing adventures.They’ve been floating around the web for years, and especially in gaming they have a very rich history.

The first time I ever came across the word ‘bot’ was at the age of 6 on the player menu screen of , where you had the option of taking a break from story mode to join in a bot match.

Jamming bot I play violin at home, and very often I find myself wishing there was another musician in the room with a few ideas or notes that would gel well with what I’m playing.

Other times, I’m glad I am the only human in the room — but I would still love a non-human method of jamming. Current uses for music and chatbots include apps for communicating with your favourite pop star, chatbots for playlist recommendations, music news and updates, and sharing song clips with friends.

One possible problem is the fact that you can create almost anything, and how do you choose one out of infinity?

I’ve made a list of four creative, innovative and interesting existing uses of chatbots.

you do not know what a chatbot is, then you have managed to unknowingly evade the hottest tech topic of 2017.