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So it was this moment of me huddled with my people going, “Well, there are prosthetic nipples.” I had one specially made. I was like a wizened, emaciated, bald old lady, and that was scary. I finally had an oncologist who looked me in the eye and said, “You’re going to be fine.” I said, “Please just tell me I’m going to be here to raise my children.” He said, “Absolutely, you are.” He was the only person who spoke with certainty like that. People are very vague about cancer because there are so many variables.

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” I had this momentary annoyance of, “Oh, I’ve got to go do that.” So I went to the doctor, and everything changed quickly. I’d had my last mammogram 11 months before, but the kind of cancer I had is called triple-positive, which is very fast-growing. I did chemotherapy for six months and had a great response. John’s, including people who changed the face of breast cancer by treating it with immunology. By the time I did the mastectomy in June of 2013, the lump was gone. You know cancer, it’s microscopic, so you can’t really tell: Is something hiding out? I could’ve had a lumpectomy but I felt like, something’s clearly wrong with the breast tissue. Some people think a mastectomy is hacking off part of your body, and that’s not what it is.Were you worried about your appearance after the surgery? They told me there would be some nudity, and of course the first thing I thought about was that I was partway through my reconstruction.I was one of those women in the chat rooms asking surgeons, “What am I going to look like? I had to go to a premiere, so I was photographed with my hair very short, but I never told anyone what it was. Going into Ray Donovan was the first time I really got back into the pool again. I was about to have another surgery to put the nipple back together again. We emphasized the scar and made it look a lot angrier.I went to David on a whim, and my heart was in my throat because it was the first time I jumped off the cliff. But it was the first time anyone other than my friends, my children, and my husband had seen me that way. It doesn’t stop a highly sexual character like Ray from finding this woman beautiful, even though she’s scarred. [Laughs.] Then I don’t think I was nude onscreen for 20 years. It gave me pause for a second, but then I thought, “Whatever! People are quite shy about showing their bodies here. My children would be mortified, but my daughter is 13 and my son is ten. I’m hoping their friends don’t go, “My God, do you know what your mother just showed? Since I was 30, I’ve been like, “My God, I’m not 25 anymore.” Those are bigger and more fraught issues. But putting out this image on a popular show, are you hoping to counteract that? I may be in the minority, but I don’t think of it as ugly. When I saw it for the first time, it was a little hard to look at. There are ugly battle scars and prettier ones, but they’re part of someone’s life, and I feel heroic in some way for having fought that battle. It was, “Oh my God, I can’t not be here to raise my kids.” How did your kids react to your illness?There’s something kinky, surprising, dark, and strange about it, yet there’s vulnerability. But I just feel like, a month from now, I’m not going to look like this anymore, and there’s something compelling me to be honest about what this really is. I don’t want to think of myself as someone who’s ready to tear my clothes off at the drop of a hat, but when I’ve needed to, I’ve done it. I just joined Twitter, and some hip-hop 20-year-old kid wrote something to the effect of, “Yeah, she’s not bad-looking for an old woman.” So I’m thinking to myself, “Good God, wait until he sees this episode! It was very tough on them because they were seven and nine at the time, and they couldn’t wrap their heads around the fact that I looked like I was dying.As soon as you enter, clicking 'Random Chat' throws you into a random chat room where you can talk publicly and eventually get to know people for a private chat.

There is also an 'Explore' feature to see what people nearby are up to and see their pictures, which you can like or comment on. While some may feel like innocent chatter, the chat rooms are inundated with people on the lookout for some fun, so Meow Chat is not something you want your kids using.

But what does Meow Chat have that the others don't and why should you download it?

Digital Spy explains everything you need to know about the overnight phenomenon that is Meow Chat. The app describes itself as a "fun way to chat and meet new friends", but essentially it's a cross between matchmaking apps Tinder and Grindr, coupled with the instant chat leaders Whats App and Facebook Messenger. You link up Meow Chat with your Facebook profile and hey-presto, you can chat to existing friends by inviting them to join or find new buddies around the world.

Essentially this protein causes an incredibly high-grade tumor to grow very quickly, and that’s why it was 3 1/2 centimeters, which is large. They did the pathology report, and they said there was nothing left. It’s going in and scraping tissue out and replacing it.

In the old days, you were sometimes left with totally concave breasts and gnarly scars, and it’s not like that anymore.

When Ray Donovan executive producer David Hollander called her about a major guest role in the Showtime drama’s fourth season as Sonia Kovitzky, an art dealer who serves as a front for drug-dealing Russian pimps, he informed her the role would require nudity.