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Obama consolidating power

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CBP is slated to see a $137 million increase over last year’s funding level, bringing them to $11.4 billion.

The spending measure also creates the Bureau of Land Management Foundation, a non-profit that can accept donations from private groups and individuals.The Pentagon also gets $57 million for water quality testing projects at military bases.The nation’s capital gets $756 million from the federal government — a $26 million increase from last year, but $7 million less than what the Obama administration had requested.The legislation instructs the agency to reassess one of the final conservation acts of the previous administration: plans guiding roughly 6.5 million acres of federal land in Alaska’s eastern interior.This area, which spans between Fairbanks to the Canadian border, is relatively undeveloped.The EPA program that helps communities clean up the water quality in their drinking supply is slated to remain fully funded at the previous year’s level.

The agency was responsible for sending $100 million to help Flint, Mich., restore its drinking supply last year.

And air travelers rejoice: Congress decided against enacting a plan that would require $880 million in passenger fee increases.

The nation’s passenger rail service, a quasi-government organization, gets $1.5 billion, a $105 million increase from the last budget year.

The measure was a major priority for coal-state lawmakers, including Sen. Va.) and Senate Majority Leader Mitch Mc Connell (R-Ky.).

Pell Grants for college tuition would get a boost to help cover a student’s full year of college. Negotiators declined to include language barring Americans from bringing back merchandise from Cuba — an attempt to roll back the Obama administration’s renewal of diplomatic and trade relations with the communist country.

Instead both agencies would see a funding increase of $2 million under this spending bill, bringing each budget to $150 million for fiscal 2017.