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You should fill out your profile first with details and pictures because the first women I tried to contact I got no response because my profile was empty!Usually on fake sites, women will ‘contact’ you even if your profile is empty because they are just bots. The first woman I talked to after I filled out all my profile information was someone who lived 2 miles away from me in West Hollywood.

I went to a bar that night in Santa Monica and talked to one of my friends and my experience with these apps, and he recommended that I check out more ‘adult’ oriented dating sites.Also, when you give the site your location, it starts calculating if there are other locals in your area on the site, which it found quickly for me.With all the hype in the beginning with the sign up process, you can say that it got my blood pumping into all the right places, if you catch my drift.You can read more about my background and details about my site here.At first, I was hesitant to write this article because I’ve been meeting a good amount of women from this site and I didn’t want to over saturate the site with men.She told me she broke up with her ex-boyfriend about 2 weeks ago and she was starting to get over it and wanted to play the field.

Since it seemed like all she needed was a rebound and wasn’t looking for anything serious, I decided to continue talking to her.

I usually don’t disclose my name or location on the public domain because I’m a huge user of these online dating sites and I don’t want these women I meet up with to find this review site.

I just want to be completely honest with you guys however because I’ve tested many different sites and while many of them are fake, Snapsext has definitely been a legitimate and amazing service.

Leave us a 5* review :*Thoughts - I am a celebrity who lives in a small town, so you could say that it is difficult to find someone who doesn't know about me in my immediate area. Thanks to this, I was able to expand my search to places where I am virtually unknown and avoid all the golddiggers!

There are times when you really need to spice up the relationship, and thankfully guys are into it more than the girls are, so me suggesting we 'open up' our relationship a little bit was welcomed wholeheartedly by my boyfriend. So my mom got a new phone and soon after, a bunch of different guys kept coming and going through our house.

Registration is super simple and easy, and is quite entertaining.