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Normal age kids start dating

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This is done by watching for signs of an imminent wee or poo and catching it in the potty. However, most health visitors don't advise this, and even suggest that children who have been trained in this way have problems later on.They may experience setbacks with using school toilets, or when they encounter stressful situations.

That's why waiting for signs that they are ready is the key to success, and starting too early will result in accidents.In these years, teenage relationships might last only a few weeks or months.It’s also normal for children to have no interest in romantic relationships until their late teens.There isn’t a ‘right age’ to start having relationships – every child is different, and every family will feel differently about this issue.But here are some averages: Many teenagers spend a lot of time thinking and talking about being in a relationship.Romantic crushes tend not to last very long because ideas of perfection often break down when your child gets to know the other person better.

But your child’s intense feelings are real, so it’s best to take crushes seriously and not make fun of them.

Younger teenagers usually hang out together in groups.

They might meet up with someone special among friends, and then gradually spend more time with that person alone.

It’s about your child imagining another person as perfect or ideal.

This can tell you a lot about the things that your child finds attractive in people.

It's better to wait until your child is ready, and is showing an interest.