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Niall matter dating

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Wanting to save her from humiliation and protect her public image, Lucas Wright, Kate’s childhood friend steps in and pretends to be Kate’s fiancé. Fans believe Lily Collins is making a move on One Direction’s Niall Horan, after the star admitted he has a crush on the actress.

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He said: “We’ re talking 11-12 hour days, every day which is like work, studio, home, bed, eat, you know – I have no time for Tinder!While Lily has previously dated actors Taylor Lautner, Zac Efron and Jamie Campbell Bower.Lily was most recently pictured enjoying a romantic trip in Italy with former classmate Jason Vahn in July, but the pair have not been spotted together in recent weeks.Stars Danica Mc Kellar, Kavan Smith and Bruce Boxleitner. Kate Lawrence, a celebrity relationship expert, plans to publicly announce her engagement to Bryan, a handsome and perfectly polished businessman.As Kate prepares to share the news, Bryan shocks her by breaking up with her and calling off the wedding.But the photos don't really say much of anything except that they are friends.

There's no hand-holding, there's no looking into each other's eyes, just a lot of laughs with a few drinks in their hands. " RELATED: Niall Horan Admits He's a Fan of Selena Gomez's Songs Not to mention, Laura is nine years older than Niall.

After they split, she tried her hand at acting, and now, she's the lucky misses of IRL Chuck Bass.

At 17 Jessica fell pregnant with her now ex-husband, a boy she met at church.

Last Christmas, Miranda fell in love with Ian (Matter), a local man who helped her as she searched for her father, James Whitcomb, a famous theatre actor she believed had a connection to the town.

Steve Decker PLOT: Storyline via Hallmark: It’s Christmas and Miranda (Krakow) leaves Seattle with a suitcase full of presents to join her long- lost family in Carlton Heath, where she will experience the joyful traditions she missed as a child.

Singer Niall, 24, admitted that the stunning movie star – who is the daughter of singer Phil Collins – would be his “dream celebrity date” during a recent interview with an Irish radio station.