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Netjet dating

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Vegas There’s nothing I can add to the massive amount of media coverage to come out of this.

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I think of Moore, Oklahoma which was only a few miles from where I went to college (OU, Boomer-sooner, boomer-sooner, yada, yada).My BS meter hasn’t come off the peg since this thing happened.ISIS has claimed credit three times, which is probably just them trying to take credit for something they didn’t do, but the vote is still out on that too. It took about five minutes for gun control to enter the fray. But, I can understand why folks on the side did that.ßI was supposed to drive home that afternoon (383 miles), which is typical for me, but we got home late and I was pretty beat up.So, I got as far as Palm Springs, three hours, and holed up, only to find I had left my bag and computer case in the parking lot at my hotel. Disney Gets It Right I did something entirely out of character: I went to visit my daughter in LA alone (Marlene was/is recovering from a ligament separation in a foot) and we went to Disneyland.

The two granddaughters, Alice (7) and Rosie (2.5) were absolutely amazing and it was fun being part of the action.

Especially since one of my dream projects was out there staring me in the face: a 1930’s open wheel dirt track racer.

The staring in the face thing changed dramatically this weekend, when my friend, Ron Johnson, showed up from Rockford, IL with said dirt track car on a trailer and it now sits in the shop where the Honda sat.

It turns and is possibly the simplest engine on the road, so, I’m going to lube it up with Mystery Oil, make sure it’s free and ignore it until ready to work on it.

It’s a much simpler project than The Roadster, so hopefully it won’t take 60 years like The Roadster has.

It appears the planning leading up to this was long and intense, so he had plenty of time to re-consider what he was doing.