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The buildings had false fronts (there was still one these false fronted buildings standing as late as 1997). The railroad facilities included a four-stall engine house, yard trackage and a water tank.

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The town of Austin was started by a man named Newton.The Oregon Lumber Company built a large while hotel at the side of the track close to the mill.There was a dance hall near the hotel, (later a truck barn was built on the sight of the dance hall, after it had burned down), where many dances were attended by all.* (In about 1917 the Oregon Lumber Company built a new double-sided sawmill about a mile down the Middle Fork of the John Day River from Austin.A company owned town was built for the mill workers and was named Batesville. This mill remained in full operation until October 1975, when a new mill was put into operation in John Day by Edward Hines Lumber Company, the owners at that time.They had 12 foot wide bunks and were stacked close to 20 feet from the ground.

There were other sawmills in the area which were the Baker White Pine mill on Crawford Creek, the Stoddard Brothers Lumber Company, later becoming Stoddard Lumber Company, did a lot of logging in the local area, hauling logs on their own trains in to their mill in Baker.

These temporary branch lines went out into the canyons where the logging was taking place. Those days may be gone, but none of the people will ever forget! If I recall, she had other children, whom she each willed $1.00. Then it appears that Minot left and Linda stayed behind.

In the beginning, until the dry kilns were built, the lumber produced at the Bates mill was loaded green onto flat cars and hauled to Baker, where it was dried in the kilns at the Oregon Lumber Company mill there. Some time ago I read and "filed" some old Grant County deeds and property records. Newton must have been her second husband, having been previously married to a man named Austin. She had a viable stage stop business and made a deal with the bank.

The means were served family style in ample proportions.

Austin was quite a town in its day, with several saloons, stores and even a jail.

Over the years as the industry progressed, much of the work done by the railroad was gradually replaced by trucks that hauled the logs. The trucks hauled more and more and the railroad less and less, until about 19 the last rails were pulled up. If I can find my copies I will send them to you to post. The old maps of the area show the site of Austin as "Newton's."It appears that Mr. Over time she paid off the bank loan and took full possession of the Austin property. when I was a kid working for Henry Ricco in the mid-1950s, Henry told me a story told to him by 'Doc' Edwards -- Linda Austin's brother. Henry Ricco, who bought the Austin place from 'Doc' Edwards after Linda died, found her wedding ring rolled up in a sock inside a shoe in her bedroom.