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Nasty video chats

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HP Touch Pad The HP Touch Pad uses Skype for all its calling, both voice and video.The Good: Skype is integrated all over the Touch Pad, from contact lists to the Messaging app.

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If tablets and video are the future, we decided to see how the future works, and how quickly we all need to get over making phone calls in our underwear.The Good: Google Talk is one of the most cross-platform chat programs available, since it's both a standalone app and embedded in Gmail.That means you can use your Android tablet to chat with people on other tablets, as well as computers and smartphones.The Bad: Video chatting only works in portrait mode, and in my tests the person on the other end complained about the camera quality.The lack of a rear-facing camera means you can't use it during video chat to display items at which you are looking.A member would have to accurately report 1,000 bad comments before reaching the highest rewards tier.

You Tube has a sign-up page here to join the program.

The Verdict: Skype is the current grand poobah of video chatting, and will likely continue to be so thanks to its recent integration into Facebook (though that integration is more a technology than an actual Skype client), but the Touch Pad's video-chatting hardware and Skype app aren't up to par.

Samsung Galaxy Tab The Galaxy Tab, like all tablets running Android Honeycomb (3.0 or above), uses Google Talk for video chatting.

Apple i Pad 2 The i Pad uses Face Time, an Apple-specific, video-chat application that works on i Pads, i Phones, i Pods and Macs.

The Good: Face Time consistently had the best video quality of any video-chatting app I tested. It's also extremely easy to use, with a simple and excellent interface, and cleverly identifies people by their email addresses so you don't need to look for yet another username. It's a separate app, pulled away from all text-based chatting, and doesn't integrate as well with the address book or other apps as it should.

We're a long way from the equivalent of picking up the phone and dialing anyone in the country, or being able to text anyone just by using their phone number.