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My personal web cam

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Please NO video only as that sucks when trying to follow a detail process.

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I was able to get rid of the errors and upload success.I have been trying to get this to work for months with both Sky1 and Sky2 and have spent more hours and day long attempt trying to get it to work then I really wanted to admit.The only thing that has come close is setting up the webcam is the URL method in lieu of FTP.It’s not an issue on our end, but an issue on with Weather Underground. not sure if thats right, but makes sense, since that is the URL to my homepage.there has to be an easy way to do this.Im guessing this is only an issue with the bloomsky units, because i have been with support at WU all afternoon and everything looks good on their end.From twitter: @Bloom Sky Support adding your device to Weather Underground?

use personal directions if you are getting a camera upload errors: I deleted my registered devices (I have a sky1 and sky2 with two different WU PWS and WU camera ).

My next suggestion would be to delete the device connection for both your station and camera by clicking on teh “No longer want your device to upload to WU?

Delete a device here” below the save button at wun.and restart the process over again.

Most webcams should install themselves automatically after you plug them in.

If your webcam doesn't automatically install, all you'll need is the driver file from the manufacturer's website.

We’ve told them about the issues our customers are having and the conversation is still ongoing.