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On average, some 10,000 people die in earthquakes around the world annually.

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The second tremor, a magnitude 5.9, had its epicenter 42.7 kilometers southwest of the town of Tanauan, according to the USGS.Today, employing household help is still the norm for many Filipino families.Many have “stay-in” maids like Pulido who cook, do laundry, and look after children in exchange for a small monthly salary.Local television network ABS-CBN broadcast live footage of frightened commuters fleeing the passenger terminal at the port of Batangas, near the epicenter.Renato Solidum, head of the Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology, said the event was an "earthquake swarm" in a local faultline but had not been powerful enough to cause a tsunami.Mandanas said people along the shoreline fled their homes.

Power outages hit Batangas and nearby provinces, including some portions of the capital. Several universities in Manila suspended classes for safety reasons, according to the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority.

"These swarms are natural occurrences and we do not expect a big quake in this area," he said.

The region has experienced tremors since earlier this week.

In the editor’s note, Tizon’s wife said that “This was his ultimate story” and The Atlantic’s editor Jeffrey Goldberg wrote that “stories like Alex’s help us understand slavery’s awful persistence.” But online reactions were not as positive.

Some people from the West criticized the piece for romanticizing slavery and said Tizon was just as guilty as his parents.

DW takes a look at some of the most powerful earthquakes of the last century.