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Information provided through interactive training programs, online quizzes, video games and formal curriculum assessment are more likely to translate to more secure conduct online (Connolly et al., 2011).

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In these types of cases, and for the purpose of this paper, online safety is a child protection issue.The following is a snapshot of campaigns that provide targeted and interactive online learning opportunities for children and parents.Budd:e is an award-winning cyber-security education package with fun and challenging interactive games that help Australian students stay safe and secure online.While online safety is important for protecting children from dangerous and inappropriate websites and materials, this does not mean that parents should discourage their children from accessing the Internet.The challenge is to help children enjoy the benefits of going online while avoiding the risks (Raising Children Network, 2011).The Help Button is a free application that is downloaded to your computer.

Once downloaded, the button sits on the desktop or in the toolbar.

These cybersafety resources are targeted at children in the home and at school.

e Smart Schools is an evidence-based educational program designed specifically for the management of cybersafety in schools.

An awareness of how to ensure safe practices online is an important skill for young people.

While parental involvement in safe use of technology should start from a child's first use, parents continue to be a critical influence in ensuring that teenagers practice responsible digital citizenship and engage in online activities safely.

Tagged has received acclaim for its realistic depiction of teenagers and the problems they can face in a digital world.