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Mixed dating signals

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If she does this on a regular basis one day she will be abused and then wonder why. We talked on the phone for about 3 weeks prior to this. But looking at it objectively, it is easy to tell that it is more then obvious to her I want her. This girl wasn't just hot; she was actually awesome to hang out with. I was able to talk to him a little and we even played X box together. Maybe she wants to take it slowly but she is giving all the wrong signals for that. Is that enought in itself to get her to open up a little more? Complimenting her looks is bad enough, but telling her you like her is even worse.

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It will allow her to open up to you more, but at the same time -- don't try and "win" her over. She likes you, but if it's on a light scale, you're not out of the woods. What they are "asking" for is what attracts them most about a guy -- one who doesn't Need them, but a guy who is interested while supplies last.Any time I start getting mixed signals from a woman I back off.I figure if she's not sure I'll give her a chance to get sure.Then, if she doesn't act more interested (by following through on those things), blow her off until she does. Believe me, I did find that a little much to say the least. Something is just a little off about this whole situation I guess. Some single moms are weary about the implications of dealing with boy-girl situations -- some are starting from scratch.If she doesn't ever follow through, at least you will be that much further ahead in looking for someone else. When she asked if I wanted to go out with her and her son to eat I had to pause for a minute. The thing is she was just so cool afterwards I forgot about it. If she brought you into things to have you meet her kid, that's a good thing -- trust.She should have had you sleep on the futon and made you breakfast the next day.

I am also a bit weary about having you meet her son on the first date. Give her a call and take her out on a non passionate, low key date and get to know HER. That she allowed you to her apartment when she hardly knows you, shows she is rather loopy and a****ease for sure. If you had not been a gentleman she may have gotten more than she bargained for. I wouldn't bother with a woman who has a son when you are so young yourself and in school?? I don't think I was a doormat thought as some people indicated. However, maybe I did mess up in saying I like her and even calling her beautiful on the first date. But a quick question, how important is it to get her kid to like me right away?

Im sure she would apreciate your honesty and it will be great to get this off your chest. She put her own selfish desires before her child's safety. And she's communicating to him through her actions that she thinks he might be a needy pushover.

Single moms are VERY busy and have alot on thier plate, she probably just got caught up and forgot. If she was half way decent at all, you shouldn't even have met her kid yet, or for weeks to come. I don't like the fact at all that she brought her kid with her on a first date.

Again, I dont think I have ever been this confused about a girl liking me or not.

Men often misinterpret a woman's innocent smile or compliment as a sexual come-on—but why? The students then used imagined acts like holding hands or giving compliments to rate their companion's and their own sexual interest and level of commitment.

No, but it might be enough to get her kid to like you. Do not play one-on-one coverage so quick; play zone (sports analogy).