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Mistakes women make dating men

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From Meg Jay’s popular TED talk: Taking into account lifetime wages, divorce risk, fertility and the supply of marriageable men, a woman’s late 20s are the sweet spot for tying the knot.4.

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Taken together, the present research suggests that fear of being single is a meaningful predictor of settling for less in relationships.”9.We Don’t Trust Our Intuition We usually know when something isn’t right because our bodies tell us so.We have butterflies, or feel anxiety about whether our partner is as invested as we are.We Fail to Set Boundaries We find ourselves putting up with behaviors we swore we’d never tolerate. Yet we still don’t speak up for fear of rocking the boat (which is already leaky). This sends a clear message that we lack self-respect, thereby ensuring more bad treatment. It’s crucial to know that we can survive without the relationship, and may be called upon to do so. We Don’t Acknowledge Relationship Stagnation We should see growth, or forward movement, in any healthy relationship.Increased intimacy, bonding, growing feelings of love and the desire to be permanently exclusive with our partner are the natural products of a compatible and promising relationship.If you’re not both enthusiastically headed towards real commitment, your best strategy is to cut your losses and get back into the dating pool.8.

We Fall Victim to the Sunk Cost Fallacy We often stay in bad relationships because we’ve already invested lots time and effort to try and make the relationship work. But this is a poor strategy, because our prior investment is immaterial.

We shouldn’t “throw good money after bad.”One set of studies found that as singles get older, they tend to “double down” with low quality prospects.

This is not entirely surprising – it reflects reduced options.

We like a challenge, even when the prize is not attainable. For years – that’s an exhausting posture to maintain!

We choose novelty, adventure and impulsivity over stability, loyalty and empathy.

So it’s understandable that we don’t want to remain single. The mistake we make is that we exit the dating pool too early out of fear that nothing better will come along.